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Why have I not written that TMBG/Conan crossover fic yet

TMBG fanfic groups!

So I know here on Tumblr is where all the kids are liking to hang out these days, BUT if any of y’all happen to still be on LiveJournal, you should TOTALLY check out the two TMBG fanfic communities I run there: a general one and one with monthly prompts. And if you don’t have an LJ already but enjoy reading/writing this stuff THEN GET ONE, SERIOUSLY. My communities are so lonelyyyyyyyyyyy. I’ll admit I’ve even been slacking off on posting to them myself cos I’ve been busy with some other writing projects lately, but I’m working on a fun new slash as we speak…

TMBG Fanfic Groups!

Do you enjoy writing fanfiction about They Might Be Giants? Are you one of those (awesome) people who is a Livejournal holdout? Then come join my communities! I run two: a general fanfic community, TMBG Fanfic, and a community where I post monthly prompts, TMBG Challenge. Or, if you don’t have an LJ yourself to post, you can still go read all the great stories!

Initial description of John in a story I’m working on right now, which I am pleased with: “a severely thin man in oversized black glasses.” (No you’re not gonna see the story cos IT’S PORN.) (And yes I am aware that the first half of that does not apply to him anymore but IN MY FANTASY WORLD IT STILL DOES AND ALWAYS WILL.)

New Fic

Ok, here is the fic I wrote today, for the prompt “luck.” I still need to make a proper list of links to all of them—I’ll get around to that at some point.


I am noticing that my non-slash fics (and even some of those) are very often “Tragic Things Happen to John Linnell.” For some reason it’s just very satisfying to write about him that way. He wears tragedy well. He has the whole Tortured Artistic Soul thing going on already with the heartbreaking lyrics he writes, so I think it makes sense to write about him having his heart broken. But it does make me feel kinda guilty sometimes.

Nanobots Poem

Hey so I wrote a poem about getting Nanobots today. It’s not exactly one of the best things I’ve ever written but it does accurately summarize the feelings I had about getting it. I do want to note that, yeh, I’m only talking about the album in terms of John, but that does not mean I don’t think Flans has some really fucking great songs on this album too—it’s just when you’re desperately in love with someone you tend to think of things in terms of him, you know?

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New Fic!

So I wrote a new TMBG fic tonight for the first time in awhile. Yes, it’s John/John. If you’re morally opposed to slash then move along, move along. It did not go how I expected it to go, but I think it came out ok anyway. I still need to put together a list of links to all my fics—when I’ve done that I’ll let y’all know.

Running Theme

Just realized that my main character’s love interest in the novel I’m writing right now is basically turning into John Linnell. This is not to be confused with the novel I wrote in August where the main character’s love interest was basically John Linnell, or the novel I wrote in ‘09 which had a slashy high school Johns subplot that basically became way more important than it had any right to, or the other novel I have in progress right now that I’m not even trying to pretend isn’t a thinly fictionalized version of John and me. WELCOME TO MY LIFE.