The healing doesn't stop the feeling.

Her favorite color is a blank stare

I’m working on writing an author bio for some writing I’m doing something with and I’m so tempted to put in “A spiteful person, Quinn has many hobbies and interests,” but it probably doesn’t sound as amazing if someone other than John Linnell is doing it.

I don’t know if y’all are aware, but, in addition to being a documentary, Gigantic is also an instructional video. It’s true.

I’m about to write some erotica, because what better way to spend a Wednesday night, but I simply am incapable of writing without plenty of COFFEE (I blame those damn Johns for getting me into this mindset).

But! Problem! I only have one coffee filter left! So how would I make coffee tomorrow morning? I could go to the grocery store now, but I don’t want to go to the grocery store now! I want to write!


and I realized that OH I can just use a paper towel! THANKS FOR YOUR HELP, JOHN LINNELL.


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So I’m writing this novel right now and it’s really mostly erotica but it also has some dumb goopy romantic shit and (SHOCKINGLY) the hero might be sliiiiiiiiiiiightly based on a certain accordion player. Tonight I described him as a “beautiful skeleton of a man” and I’m pretty sure that’s the first time that phrase has ever been written in a love story. Or, you know, anywhere. IT’S TRUE THOUGH.

Why have I not written that TMBG/Conan crossover fic yet

TMBG fanfic groups!

So I know here on Tumblr is where all the kids are liking to hang out these days, BUT if any of y’all happen to still be on LiveJournal, you should TOTALLY check out the two TMBG fanfic communities I run there: a general one and one with monthly prompts. And if you don’t have an LJ already but enjoy reading/writing this stuff THEN GET ONE, SERIOUSLY. My communities are so lonelyyyyyyyyyyy. I’ll admit I’ve even been slacking off on posting to them myself cos I’ve been busy with some other writing projects lately, but I’m working on a fun new slash as we speak…

TMBG Fanfic Groups!

Do you enjoy writing fanfiction about They Might Be Giants? Are you one of those (awesome) people who is a Livejournal holdout? Then come join my communities! I run two: a general fanfic community, TMBG Fanfic, and a community where I post monthly prompts, TMBG Challenge. Or, if you don’t have an LJ yourself to post, you can still go read all the great stories!

Initial description of John in a story I’m working on right now, which I am pleased with: “a severely thin man in oversized black glasses.” (No you’re not gonna see the story cos IT’S PORN.) (And yes I am aware that the first half of that does not apply to him anymore but IN MY FANTASY WORLD IT STILL DOES AND ALWAYS WILL.)

New Fic

Ok, here is the fic I wrote today, for the prompt “luck.” I still need to make a proper list of links to all of them—I’ll get around to that at some point.