The healing doesn't stop the feeling.


Posting for the last minute and a half, featuring John ROCKING OUT as much as one can rock out when they are playing a grand piano/are John Linnell. Considering those two facts, I think he actually does an impressive job!

I mean I’m totally not even slightly biased in any way, not that anyone would possibly jump to that conclusion, but JOHN’S ANSWERS ARE SO MUCH BETTER THAN FLANS’S, particularly the one about Jackson. It impresses me that he can be quick on his feet with something like this when his improvisational skills with songs are, um, less than stellar (but ADORABLE). That being said, he does end up looking to Flans all “YOU TAKE THIS ONE, I HAVE NO IDEA” about, like, half of them, so. (That’s adorable too.) Also I suppose I should mention that Amy Sedaris is really awesome, cos she is.

I think I’ve been pretty clear about my feelings about John playing accordion but if the alternative is GRAND PIANO AND GLASSES then I can live with that I GUESS

Came for the AMAZING concept of John Linnell crowdsurfing, stayed for the awkward interruption of a song to adjust microphones

Posting for John rockin’ out at 1:10

The Avatars are like 1000000x better when you can see The Johns operating them because it’s like “oh my god you are men in your 50’s playing with sock puppets DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW RIDICULOUS YOU ARE” and it’s actually rather adorable.

BONUS POINTS for this particular vid:

1. John saying “bullshit,” because the too-few-and-far-between times he swears are always very exciting (even when he’s doing it while pretending to be a sock puppet)

2. John making one of his amazing little attempts at dancing walking back to his keyboard

3. The Claw Hand! I haven’t seen him doing that enough in recent years and it’s sooooooooooooooooo fantastic.