The healing doesn't stop the feeling.

Also this

This is one of my top most-watched videos because JOHN IS KIND OF INSANELY HOT

I love this performance so much. All the songs are rockin’ as fuck, and everything is always better with horns. “No One Knows My Plan” is particularly fantastic.

Obligatory John gushing: SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH ADORABLENESS in here. I think the best part has to be the dorky little dance during plan, but I also completely adore the part where he’s looking up at the ceiling while explaining how they’re NOT WEIRD AT ALL OK (yeh John you just keep telling yourself that) and the hopping around during “The Guitar.” Also that is some QUALITY HAIR.

Haha the two trumpets sound terrible. I knew about it but I don’t think I’ve actually heard him play them before. Kind of amazing anyway though. A for effort, Flansy.

"And we’re sexy.

I also like him refusing to answer when the host asks what he wants on his tombstone. My poor boy and his death hangup, aww.