The healing doesn't stop the feeling.

"And we’re sexy.

I also like him refusing to answer when the host asks what he wants on his tombstone. My poor boy and his death hangup, aww.

The Johns on 120  Minutes, discussing Flood and playing “Where Your Eyes Don’t Go” and “Particle Man.” Apologies for the stops and starts but my VHS tape was being completely uncooperative with me when I recorded this to DVD. I did the best I could with editing it.

"Ok. More songs now I guess" is a really fantastic thing to say in the middle of a concert

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate the fact that John Flansburgh is jumping/spinning/running around on the stage for THIS ENTIRE VIDEO

Cute Johns and cute kids talking about Here Comes Science. Except for the part where Flans goes on about DISNEY! $$$! You’re allowed to not do that every time you discuss such things, Flans.

Suddenly discovering GLASSES + MANCCORDION videos? Yeh, I’m pretty ok with this. Have this interview in mp3, but didn’t know there was this much video—I’d just seen the separate bit with “Meet James Ensor” before.

Things I am NOT ok with: People incorrectly saying John’s name, ESPECIALLY WHEN FLANS SAYS THEY’RE BIG FANS OF HIM AND HE’S PROBABLY, LIKE, MAKING JOHN CRY. And then he says he’s big fans of them too—clearly.

And also this whole bullshit thing with Marty’s list. I’m not disagreeing with the idea that there are things people say that are incredibly stupid—I sure as hell know that’s true. I’m disagreeing with the idea of Marty telling The Johns what to do when he works for them.

1. It makes me so sad when there’s a thing like this and ALL the songs they have clips of are Linnell songs. I mean yes yes I KINDA LIKE HIS SONGS TOO but come onnnnnn, THERE’S ALSO ANOTHER GUY IN THE BAND.

2. How come sometimes they say TMBG the movie isn’t good at all and sometimes they say things like calling it “pretty interesting”?

3. “When people discuss the band They Might Be Giants—” “And they do.” I know he’s JOKING but I still love the idea of him being all smug and full of himself so this makes me happy anyway.

4. Accordion “Meet the Elements” HELL YES

5. Is John eating something?? WHY.

6. Flans describing them as “emotionally unavailable” is ever-so-slightly hilarious.Flans, if even you’re "emotionally unavailable," then what the fuck is John?

7. Love the Krusty comparison. I am going to just think of them this way all the time now.

8. “Our real faces are reserved for our adult work.” Oh, you mean the many, many videos with y’all actually in them that you’ve made for your regular albums in, oh I don’t know, the last TWENTY YEARS?

9. “We don’t wanna look at us.” CRYING. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww John. Poor sad old man. See, this is why you need me around, TO REASSURE YOU HOW SEXY YOU STILL ARE. But the thing I love about this is, um, silly me, I thought you were making your videos for your fans to watch, not you. Is John Linnell just in some, like, secret Sunset Boulevard existence, sitting around in his darkened living room watching Direct from Brooklyn all night? Oh my god.

10. Raise your hand if you didn’t predict John’s response to “And the next step for They Might Be Giants is?” No one? Yeh, that’s what I thought. HE IS SO FUCKING PREDICTABLE. But it’s ok, because the things he’s predictable about are GREAT.

So I don’t know about anyone else, but I wasn’t aware we had the full performance of this and I’M KIND OF REALLY EXCITED. On the old Video Bootlegs VHS tapes it’s cut off, starting in the middle of the first verse, and I  thought I remembered it being the same way with the version on the Gigantic DVD, so I thought the full thing was just lost to the sands of time. BUT HERE IT IS. EXCITING.

I love this performance, so much. I was too young for this incarnation of The Tonight Show so the significance of the band is lost on me, but they sound great, and my favourite part is how The Johns (especially Linnell) are clearly completely overwhelmed with excitement.

You’ve presumably seen the other stuff TMBG did for Brave New World, but did you know they did the theme music too?