The healing doesn't stop the feeling.

kittysneezes said: Disco Naps are when you crash out in the afternoon, so you can stay up to disco all nite!

Aww, I’m so sad that I can’t give Flans credit for the phrase cos it really is great, but I’m sure that’s something he does ALL THE TIME, so.

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johnbercow said: the quirks in writing make a lot of the songs so much better, prescriptivism rains on this here parade

I was only talking about these two very specific things in these two songs. If I were opposed to “quirks in writing” in general I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be a TMBG fan. That’s the reason these two things are notable to me, because they’re like the only ones that get to me out of pretty much any of their songs.

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zollgax said: disco naps are the most american of all naps, obviously

Haha ok. I guess the thing that confuses me is that “loud music and bright lights” and “napping” seem ever-so-slightly incompatible in my mind. I do love the sound of the phrase, though.

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hollenius said: Oh man, I’m about to go to bed so I can get up for work in the morning, but I can probably get around to translating this tomorrow, if anyone is interested in what the Japanese says

Oh, that would be fabulous!

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peaceblank asked:

I really like hearing your headcanons.

Hahaha, thank you! I’m flattered. THERE IS MUCH. I will see about sharing more.

thatenglishnerd asked:

*Sigh* I want to BE John :/

Don’t we all…

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thatenglishnerd asked:

Especially when he says "I didn't mean to say nightmare." Just sign me up for a ride on that train, seriously.

YES THAT PART IS INSAAAAAAAAAAAANELY HOT OMFG. But obviously the actual BEST part is THE DANCING DURING THE FIRST CHORUS. And also OMG when he’s rowing the boat (STRONG ARMS etc etc). And ok ok I think I gotta watch it now. Watch it and spazz out about as much as he does.

thatenglishnerd asked:

My favourite is They'll Need a Crane, but I might be biased because it's my favourite song. But I agree that Ana Ng is probably technically their best.

Crane and DLS are tied for my #2, and yeh they are both awesome but again I love them EXTRA EXTRA cos John looks reallyyyyyyyy good.

mynameisbluecanary said: I don’t believe the episode airs until at least next week, if not a couple of weeks from now. They record a week or two ahead of the air date usually.

Oh geez, really? I assumed it was the next day because when I looked at the show’s site yesterday it said there was one up from Thursday, but looking at it now I guess it doesn’t actually say it was this Thursday. WELL THAT’S LAME AS FUCK.

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