The healing doesn't stop the feeling.


I did a site update! Check it totally out! Some new stuff up and also I re-did all the imagemaps and I think they look pretty damn snazzy (now with 85% more Flans!). I actually have a tonnnnnnnnn more stuff waiting to get put up so I might be doing another one soonish. Depends on how lazy I’m feeling.

Which may or may not contain some RATHER EXCITING mp3’s…


So, two things were on my mind today that are making me possibly plan something and I wanna see what y’all think.

One is, Apollo and I were talking about the time John said “it’s sexy” and she posted it here and it got a ton of notes (RIGHTLY SO).

And then also when I was listening to the “Contrecoup” radio appearance thing, there are some little things he says that I think are soooooooooooooooo cute, and probably NO ONE BUT ME thinks they’re cute, but THEY ARE, like when she gives him the word “contrecoup” he says “Can you spell that please?” and yeh I know this doesn’t sound like much of anything but IT’S REALLY CUTE OK.

So here’s what I’m thinking about—if I made a little section on my site of him (and Flans too, though it’s harder for me to know what the good Flans things are?) saying stuff, WOULD ANYBODY CARE?

Just did a site update! 130+ new live pictures and some other stuff. Check it out y’all!

Over 500 new pictures! And some articles too! Check it out y’all!

TMBG 30 Day Challenge: Day Seventeen

17) Favorite TMBG fansite

UGH OK FINE, SINCE NOT A SINGLE OTHER PERSON IS GIVING IT ANY LOVE WHATSOEVER, I’LL GO AHEAD AND SAY THAT MY SITE IS PRETTY FUCKING AWESOME Although sometimes I feel like what Ira Glass says about The Johns in Gigantic. "Oh, how sad for Quinn that she runs her site, cos if she didn’t she would love it SO MUCH! But if she wants any updates to her site she has to do them herself!"

They Might Be Giants 30-Day Challenge, Day 17


17) Favorite TMBG fansite

Oh, um, I don’t know. This Might Be a Wiki? Does that count as a fansite? Do they even have fansites any more? Whoever made this challenge was clearly running out of questions. ^_^” 

Um, my site kinda exists and all.  Not that I’m saying it should’ve been the answer to the question, I’m just cranky about “do they even have fansites anymore” when I put a HELL of a lot of work into that thing…