The healing doesn't stop the feeling.


this is my favourite performance of “older” because of:

  1. my presence at this show
  3. the full minute of confetti cannon
  4. that lady shouting “YOU’RE SO BADASS” at flans 

Johnny from an instore at Amoeba in San Francisco last November. Well-done vid and John looks GOOD cos, y’know, GLASSES.

"Purple Toupee"/"The Famous Polka," 1990. Because it’s what’s making me LOSE MY MIND at the moment.


Here’s another video submitted by spicy-pirate, this one of “When Will You Die” in Princeton on Saturday.



spicy-pirate submitted this “Fingertips” video, which features some yummy Linnell closeups!


It’s still Thomas Edison’s birthday (February 11th) in my timezone, so HERE. ENJOY THIS SONG.

I spent last weekend digging around through Edison Diamond Discs and 78s at antique stores in Milan, Ohio (Edison’s birthplace, though we didn’t actually visit the museum because my friends didn’t want to pay the admission fee) and it was exciting, and I should’ve bought more, but I only bought one record.




I have had this particular performance on repeat on my phone for one particular reason.
Linnell’s tantrums. 

Just watch and you’ll see. 

Oh my god


Ok Johns, now you’re just both being silly. Both of you.

Haha, you mean the throwing his arms around thing? Yeh, he did that at the shows I went to in November too, I guess that’s his thing now. SO CUTE. Love his dancing at the beginning too!

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Ok I had a lot of comments on this video that I typed to Apollo in IM, here they are:

1. THAT WAS REALLY SEXY 2. buuuuuuuuuuut he wasn’t doing his usual SEXY WV SINGING VOICE he was doing like his normal john voice really (WHICH IS STILL SEXY OFC but) 3. what was up with the way he did form/warm WHAT A GOOFBALL 3. he was SO GLARE-Y OMG SO SEXY 4. from that angle the veins in his neck seemed to be sticking out a lot which i have never thought was sexy before (not used to seeing him from this angle?) but TOTALLY WAS but maybe it’s just from the pairing with this song 5. SO SEXYYYYYYYYYYYY

TMBG with the AV Club people doing “Horse with No Name.” More LINNELL IN GLASSES and he is pretty ridiculous and adorable in some parts, I particularly like the waving his hands around on the “desert fun” part.