The healing doesn't stop the feeling.

So I have this bootleg with no track names. I was going through listening to everything for a second to label it, and there was this one song I didn’t recognize. Apollo guessed it was "a Pal Joey revival” and when I actually went through listening to the full show it turned out she was right—Flans introduced it. It’s called “I Could Write a Book” and here it is.

"Montana" live 11/21/99.

Here’s a live version of “Museum of Idiots” from TMBG Unlimited.

Here’s TMBG’s, uh, interesting take on “Yellow Submarine” from a show in 1992.

Here’s a live version of “SenSurround”!

Fantastic live version of “Rhythm Section Want Ad” from 1985.

Hey, Apollo 18 is old enough to drink today! Here’s a performance of “My Evil Twin” from 2/10/92. Happy birthday, Apollo 18!


By request of zakkajj, here is JL & The Statesmen doing the Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young song “Ohio” on 11/21/99.

The Adult Version of “Robot Parade,” live 5/1/01. ROCKIN’EST.

"32 Footsteps" from Dr. Spock’s Backup Band.