The healing doesn't stop the feeling.

Haha the two trumpets sound terrible. I knew about it but I don’t think I’ve actually heard him play them before. Kind of amazing anyway though. A for effort, Flansy.

Demo of “Nightgown of the Sullen Moon,” from a demo tape released in 1986!

The Johns on 120  Minutes, discussing Flood and playing “Where Your Eyes Don’t Go” and “Particle Man.” Apologies for the stops and starts but my VHS tape was being completely uncooperative with me when I recorded this to DVD. I did the best I could with editing it.

Early this morning, while I was sleeping, my computer suddenly started blasting “Cowtown.” I’m assuming my apartment isn’t haunted and it was just my kitty—I’d been repeating “Ana Ng” last night and it would’ve been easy to just move Foobar to the next song, and walking across my keyboard to make stuff happen is one of her favourite things to do. But it was still rather unsettling. Thank god it was just “Cowtown” and not, like, Dial-A-Song “Token Back to Brooklyn” (my personal pick for MOST TERRIFYING TMBG SONG EVER).

After I fell back asleep I had a dream that a bunch of Flansongs (I don’t remember which ones) had backwards messages in them about dinosaurs. I was saying how it was so silly and John would never do something so ridiculous, but secretly I thought it was awesome cos DINOSAURS HELL YEH.

It’s the Dial-A-Song version of “Lie Still, Little Bottle”!

Also in my headcanon when they were shooting “They’ll Need a Crane” it was supposed to be A NICE MOSTLY NORMAL VIDEO (see John saying it was “glamorous” on the commentary track, RIGHT AT THIS PART) for TMBG to break into the mainstream or something and they thought “oh hey we should have the singer dancing a bit that would look good that’s what normal bands do in videos right” AND THEN WHAT KEPT HAPPENING WAS



and eventually Adam Bernstein gave up.