The healing doesn't stop the feeling.

Yesterday I decided my novel for NaNoWriMo this year is going to be set at a laundromat (an idea I’ve had kicking around forever) and now I can’t get “Authenticity Trip” out of my head. “She was a Hotel Detective” works too but I didn’t think of that one until later. Apollo has actually BEEN to Bubble’s of Teaneck—I’m jealous.

I love this performance so much. All the songs are rockin’ as fuck, and everything is always better with horns. “No One Knows My Plan” is particularly fantastic.

Obligatory John gushing: SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH ADORABLENESS in here. I think the best part has to be the dorky little dance during plan, but I also completely adore the part where he’s looking up at the ceiling while explaining how they’re NOT WEIRD AT ALL OK (yeh John you just keep telling yourself that) and the hopping around during “The Guitar.” Also that is some QUALITY HAIR.

1994-CD-ROM-quality-but-still-adorable Johns

1994-CD-ROM-quality-but-still-adorable Johns

Suddenly discovering GLASSES + MANCCORDION videos? Yeh, I’m pretty ok with this. Have this interview in mp3, but didn’t know there was this much video—I’d just seen the separate bit with “Meet James Ensor” before.

Things I am NOT ok with: People incorrectly saying John’s name, ESPECIALLY WHEN FLANS SAYS THEY’RE BIG FANS OF HIM AND HE’S PROBABLY, LIKE, MAKING JOHN CRY. And then he says he’s big fans of them too—clearly.

And also this whole bullshit thing with Marty’s list. I’m not disagreeing with the idea that there are things people say that are incredibly stupid—I sure as hell know that’s true. I’m disagreeing with the idea of Marty telling The Johns what to do when he works for them.

"AKA Driver" on Conan

"AKA Driver" on Conan

Mr. Klaw

"Meet James Ensor" on The Brian Lehrer Show

"Meet James Ensor" on The Brian Lehrer Show

Though really it would be IMPOSSIBLE TO HANDLE if that video were any sexier



The fact that in the Birdhouse video the William-Allen-White-eyes cult member protestor weirdo people are wearing Converse but John Linnell isn’t fills me with so much sadness like you don’t even know

I wonder what happened to those people.  Do they exist somewhere in the fandom (imagine the fancred!), or was it just another “extra” job?

Somewhere (can’t remember where at the moment) The Johns reveal that one of them ended up being in Hudson Shad, the guys who sing “O, Do Not Forsake Me.” Other than that I have no idea!