The healing doesn't stop the feeling.

Earlier I was thinking about how I haven’t done any of my Top 10 Hot John Moments countdowns for music videos lately, and I ended up arguing with Apollo about it—she insists ten is “too many.” “The videos are like three minutes long!” I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE WAS ACTUALLY DENYING THAT JOHN LINNELL COULDN’T BE INSANELY HOT IN DIFFERENT WAYS TEN TIMES IN THREE MINUTES. I mean, honestly, ten feels like a low number for me—I’m sure I could easily do twice that. So basically Apollo is SILLY and also WRONG. So I’ll see about getting to one of those soon. If you wanna see the ones I’ve already done (Birdhouse, DLS, and Crane) they’re linked here.

Grammy boys. They’re so excited!

"And we’re sexy.

I also like him refusing to answer when the host asks what he wants on his tombstone. My poor boy and his death hangup, aww.

"Ok. More songs now I guess" is a really fantastic thing to say in the middle of a concert