The healing doesn't stop the feeling.

There’s a “studio mix” of “On the Drag” up on It pretty much sounds exactly the same, but ok? I mean, any version of “On the Drag” does have to be pretty damn amazing.

Demo of “Nightgown of the Sullen Moon,” from a demo tape released in 1986!

"Sodium Mask," the opening track from the Hello the Band EP.

TMBG’s cover of The Meat Puppets song “Whirlpool.”

My sleep schedule has been entirely fucked up the last few days. Staying up till 6:30 in the morning writing, not being able to sleep at all the next night for some reason and being up for about 20 hours straight. Because of this I’ve had a really difficult time understanding what the fuck time it is and how the fuck long I’ve been up and WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON.

Then last night, when I woke up at midnight cos I’d gone to sleep in the evening, my building’s power was out. For hours. Meaning there was pretty much nothing I could be doing because there was no light to see anything.

So for awhile I was watching TMBG videos on my iPod, and I watched the thing where they’re in the studio working on “Am I Awake?”, which I hadn’t watched in so long I didn’t really remember it. And I’ve never really been into this song. I thought it was pretty good, but most people seem to really really love it, and I never really got that. But listening to it just now, and actually feeling that way exactly, I suddenly GOT it.

Because heaven forbid John Linnell ever write a song that doesn’t have the potential to be sad somehow

I hope the head in “I Am a Human Head” was able to find his friend the other head, cos otherwise that song goes from silly and cute to quite sad.



BRB being overwhelmed with the adorableness of “Mr. Klaw” past the point I can possibly handle

Happy Flansday, everyone! I am doing the obvious thing and ROCKIN’ THE FUCK OUT to Mono Puff. Here’s “Oddball,” from the The Devil Went Down to Newport EP.


If only the S-E-X-X-Y EP really had this random dude on the cover

If only the S-E-X-X-Y EP really had this random dude on the cover