The healing doesn't stop the feeling.

John Henry is 20 today! To celebrate, here’s the demo of my personal anthem.

John Henry celebration continues! Here’s the demo of “Why Must I Be Sad?”

Demo of “Nightgown of the Sullen Moon,” from a demo tape released in 1986!

Y’all, I know I’ve posted about this before, but I was just re-listening to the “Use It or Lose It” radio appearances that John did, where he got the words that he worked into “Contrecoup,” and I wanted to take another chance to strongly urge everyone to listen if they haven’t before. One of my favourite radio things he’s ever done—such a perfect showcase of what a genius he is, that he could could create what is, in my mind, one of his absolute most brilliant songs in just a week, just using these obscure words. LISTEN. BE AMAZED.

Here’s a demo version of “Older” that was recorded during the sessions for Factory Showroom.

In honor of this song not being applicable to him tomorrow, here’s the demo of “It’s Not My Birthday” from The Frank O’Toole Show!

"I’ve Got a Fang" demo!

I was listening to the Demo Tape yesterday and I realized I only knew like 10% of the lyrics to “Hell Hotel” (they are, as Ant put it, “pretty incomprehensible”), so I looked them up on the wiki and I was like “OH MY GOD THIS SONG IS EVEN MORE AWESOME THAN I THOUGHT.” Dig it! (And look up the lyrics so you really can.)

It’s like John wrote the “Don’t Let’s Start” demo and he was like “Ah yes I’ve taken care of the heartbreakingly sad lyrics part but the music is not really incongruently and disconcertingly upbeat THIS WILL NOT POSSIBLY DO”

You’ll miss me, but I’m already dead.