The healing doesn't stop the feeling.

Suddenly discovering GLASSES + MANCCORDION videos? Yeh, I’m pretty ok with this. Have this interview in mp3, but didn’t know there was this much video—I’d just seen the separate bit with “Meet James Ensor” before.

Things I am NOT ok with: People incorrectly saying John’s name, ESPECIALLY WHEN FLANS SAYS THEY’RE BIG FANS OF HIM AND HE’S PROBABLY, LIKE, MAKING JOHN CRY. And then he says he’s big fans of them too—clearly.

And also this whole bullshit thing with Marty’s list. I’m not disagreeing with the idea that there are things people say that are incredibly stupid—I sure as hell know that’s true. I’m disagreeing with the idea of Marty telling The Johns what to do when he works for them.

I had a dream that Dan Hickey owned Starbucks and I was so mad cos Dan Hickey is cool but Starbucks is so mainstream and lame

Remember that time Danny Weinkauf was a 70’s porn star

Remember that time Danny Weinkauf was a 70’s porn star

Dan Hickey is truly the best TMBG-related person to be FB friends with

Dan Hickey is truly the best TMBG-related person to be FB friends with


Danny Weinkauf Interview - TMBW: The They Might Be Giants Knowledge Base

Part One of TMBW’s exclusive interview with Danny Weinkauf, with questions submitted by you, the fans, is now up! Parts Two and Three will be posted over the next few weeks, so check back next Monday. And don’t forget to support Danny’s new kids’ album, No School Today, on Kickstarter!

im friends with him and danny and marty tbh
Really? I knew Danny and Marty friended fans, but when I looked at my mutual friends with Miller, it was all either TMBG-related people (like Dan HIckey) or other famous musician types (like John Roderick), no fans at all. And I’m friends with TONS of fans who could’ve been mutual friends with him, so I figured he didn’t add fans at all. Huh.

Facebook just friend-suggested Dan Miller to me

"Sucker," the leadoff track from the only album by Lincoln, a very cool band that Miller and Weinkauf were in pre-TMBG.


Ask Danny Weinkauf shit!

Hey guys! TMBW is interviewing Danny Weinkauf and user-submitted questions are welcome! Specifically, we’re seeking questions pertaining to his upcoming children’s album, No School Today, but you’re welcome to ask him whatever you want to know. You have till the end of Friday, after which the questions will be sent in.

Just edit the page and add your question; you don’t even need to have an account registered! We’ll forward the questions along to Danny and then publish the interview on the wiki. But note that questions may be removed if they are inappropriate or irrelevant.


Danny’s Kickstarter campaign for his new kids album, No School Today, is LIVE!!!

There are tons of great backer rewards, from downloads of the album, to an Executive Producer credit or personalized answering machine message, to one of his basses or even his car!

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