The healing doesn't stop the feeling.

HEY, if you didn’t get to see the “Alphabet of Nations” vid when it was briefly up before, it’s back now.

"Alphabet of Nations" vid! I’m still pretty meh on the "crowdsourcing" thing, but GONNA CAP THE JOHN STILLS SO HARD.

Here’s the new extended “Alphabet of Nations” from the deluxe No! reissue.



From their Facebook post:

People of Facebook! WE NEED YOUR HELP! Please forward this to your friends around the world! TMBG are making brand new video for the new version of Alphabet of Nations. It’s a crowd-sources video featuring people from around the world! We’re trying to get people to post photos on instagram with the hash-tag #TMBGnation. 

This is soooooooooo not gonna work. No offense to them, but I think TMBG will be really hard-pressed to find any big fans of them in, say, Qatar, and have an even harder time finding ones who have smartphones. I can’t afford a fucking smartphone, and that makes it awfully exclusionary, which is not cool.




I have had this particular performance on repeat on my phone for one particular reason.
Linnell’s tantrums. 

Just watch and you’ll see. 

Oh my god


Ok Johns, now you’re just both being silly. Both of you.

Haha, you mean the throwing his arms around thing? Yeh, he did that at the shows I went to in November too, I guess that’s his thing now. SO CUTE. Love his dancing at the beginning too!

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