The healing doesn't stop the feeling.

  • apollonum: who did john linnell kill to get that hair
(11:32:10 PM) antgeth: OMFG(11:32:12 PM) antgeth: OMFG(11:32:13 PM) antgeth: OMFG(11:32:16 PM) antgeth: THE TIES(11:32:30 PM) antgeth: OMFG(11:32:35 PM) antgeth: OMFG(11:32:37 PM) antgeth: THEY’RE TOO AMAZING(11:32:39 PM) antgeth: I CAN’T(11:32:40 PM) antgeth: DEAL WITH THIS

(11:32:10 PM) antgeth: OMFG
(11:32:12 PM) antgeth: OMFG
(11:32:13 PM) antgeth: OMFG
(11:32:16 PM) antgeth: THE TIES
(11:32:30 PM) antgeth: OMFG
(11:32:35 PM) antgeth: OMFG
(11:32:37 PM) antgeth: THEY’RE TOO AMAZING
(11:32:39 PM) antgeth: I CAN’T
(11:32:40 PM) antgeth: DEAL WITH THIS


(11:01:44 PM) antgeth: ROCKER(11:01:58 PM) typewrittengirl: rocker with THE CUTEST GUITAR STRAP EVER(11:02:02 PM) antgeth: YES

(11:01:44 PM) antgeth: ROCKER
(11:01:58 PM) typewrittengirl: rocker with THE CUTEST GUITAR STRAP EVER
(11:02:02 PM) antgeth: YES


(8:09:06 PM) typewrittengirl: well it’s not a very well-constructed poll if they’ll let you take it over and over
(8:09:39 PM) scratchpentagon: hahahahaha no
(8:09:48 PM) scratchpentagon: that’s how we got flans on the person of the century poll.
(8:10:11 PM) typewrittengirl: haha i know
(8:10:43 PM) typewrittengirl: flans *is* pretty important though
(8:11:15 PM) scratchpentagon: haha yes

[Explanatory note: After TMBG fandom flooded the People poll to get John named as one of the Most Beautiful People and IT WORKED, they decided they had to do something for Flans too so they got him nominated for a list of “Person of the Century”—I think that one was for Time. Sadly, Flans did not end up making that final list—I think they threw out the obvious flooding results or something.]

  • typewrittengirl: just, in general?
  • antgeth: YES
  • typewrittengirl: yeh that's
  • typewrittengirl: pretty much a summary of my life
  • typewrittengirl: i'm so sad that he changed it from "i should be a call-in show" to "have"
  • typewrittengirl: still p great though
  • typewrittengirl: cos that would obv be like
  • typewrittengirl: the most perfect thing for him
  • typewrittengirl: i suppose "call-in show where the host says like two words in reply" is an excitingly different angle
  • typewrittengirl: omg flans though
  • typewrittengirl: god
  • typewrittengirl: why does everything have to be like
  • typewrittengirl: "yeh idk about john but OMG FLANS WOULD ROCK THAT SO HARD"
  • typewrittengirl: jesus
  • typewrittengirl: SO UNFAIR

(8:29:43 AM) apollonum: i just like lincoln
(8:30:22 AM) typewrittengirl: you just like dol
(8:30:28 AM) apollonum: true
(8:31:32 AM) typewrittengirl: i was just like
(8:32:08 AM) typewrittengirl: "are there any album covers that i think are hot" and then i realized actually how few album covers have people on them
(8:32:13 AM) typewrittengirl: but then i remembered else bird guys
(8:32:14 AM) typewrittengirl: oh man
(8:32:16 AM) typewrittengirl: what babes

[EXPLANATORY NOTE: “DOL” = “Dear Old Lewis,” what Apollo calls Lewis Linnell, John’s great-grandfather that there’s a pic of in the shrine. She has AN ACTUAL CRUSH ON HIM cos she is THE MOST RIDICULOUS EVER.]

  • typewrittengirl: when i like
  • typewrittengirl: watch old videos or w/e
  • typewrittengirl: i pretend john is still in his 50s and just looks different
  • apollonum: hahahahaha
  • apollonum: whats up with you
  • apollonum: and old dudes
  • typewrittengirl: um i think you mean WHAT'S UP WITH OLD DUDES BEING THE FUCKING SEXIEST
  • antgeth: in quinnworld
  • antgeth: john linnell's ass would be news every day