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Coffee cutie

Coffee cutie

Music self-played is happiness self-made

After kind of giving up on it for awhile, I am practicing my accordion (SIDNEY) again! And it’s really fun! And I’m actually starting to get somewhere!

I’m starting to get somewhere because I’ve decided to use the CHEATER shortcut route, pioneered by A CERTAIN PERSON I COULD NAME, i.e. using the keys instead of the buttons. I always joke about what a bum he is for doing that, but it’s actually a million times easier, and I don’t even fucking know how to play piano. Anyway, I’m mostly just learning to play his songs, and it works just fine for him, so.

Tip to my fellow learners out there: “She’s an Angel” is a very good beginner song. In addition to it just being ONE OF THE BEST SONGS OF ALL TIME and therefore an awesome one for you to be able to say was the first one you learned, it’s pretty simple—the verses are just the one bass note of course (at first I was just playing and singing that to get my confidence up, haha) and then the choruses are just a repeating pattern of four chords, and the fourth only shows up a couple of times.

Oh, further tip, you can find out the chords from the guitar tabs on the wiki, if you didn’t know that already.

I always see myself with my accordion and think I look DAMN good, and want to take pictures and stuff, and then I remember that most people (or, honestly, pretty much ANY people actually) don’t have an ACCORDION FETISH from being madly, madly in love with an accordion player and so aren’t automatically all excited by seeing someone with an accordion. Well, those people are WRONG.

thatenglishnerd asked:

I remember getting the buttons in my great-grandmother's accordion stuck when I was 8. I was scared shitless. Luckily, it's real easy to fix: just push them in and angle them towards the hole.

I actually have a video of it, and what John did was put it down on the ground and gently slap it and whenever I watch it I think he looks like a 3-year-old girl, haha. Eventually someone in the crowd lends him a pocketknife which he uses to pull it out.

Bouncy boy

Bouncy boy

My friend just showed me a video of a cover of “Doctor Worm” that a mutual friend requested some no-name band play somewhere and THE BAND DOESN’T HAVE AN ACCORDION IN IT SO WHAT THE FUCK IS THE POINT OF THAT