The healing doesn't stop the feeling.


Ok so this is REALLY SUPER-ENRAGING. You know how I thought John had stopped dyeing his hair and, like, FLIPPED THE FUCK OUT ABOUT IT? Yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it’s starting to appear that that was just some kind of accident. I was looking at these pictures from the instore they did last week, like really well-lit and close pictures, and I did not see even a hint of grey around his temples. SERIOUSLY, JOHN? YOU’RE GOING TO GET MY HOPES ALL UP LIKE THAT FOR NOTHING? GO TO HELL. Who the fuck do you even think you’re kidding? a, you are ALMOST 54 YEARS OLD AND WE ALL KNOW IT, and b, you can’t just SHOW GREY IN YOUR PUBLICITY PHOTOS AND THEN STOP AND THINK NOBODY’S GONNA NOTICE SOMETHING IS UP. Flans is being so brave with showing a lot of grey now and it looks damn good on him. I don’t know why John has to be so stubborn. I know he has his whole hangup on the concept of aging and always has but THERE’S NO SHAME IN IT JOHN. IT WOULD LOOK SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD ON YOU. COME ON.

  1. apostrophe-t said: You know what else looks damn good on Flans? His beard. What is up with this bald face?
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