The healing doesn't stop the feeling.


30 Day TMBG Challenge|Day Ten|Favorite TMBG video

They’ll Need a Crane.

Love sees love’s happiness
But happiness can’t see that love is sad
That love is sad
Sadness is hanging there
To show love somewhere something needs a change
They need a change

They’ll need a crane
They’ll need a crane
To take the house he built for her apart
To make it break
It’s gonna take
A metal ball hung from a chain

“In the Direct From Brooklyn DVD commentary, Flansburgh says of the bass player in the video, “He wrote crossword puzzles, which was really strange, and actually had sold a bunch of them to the New York Times, which I thought seemed like a dream job.””

For some reason that anecdote seems very They Might Be Giants (perhaps it’s the ‘seemed like a dream job’ comment). This video, is very simple. John and John perform with three old guys, and Linnell has awesome 80’s new wave hair (total homoerotic undertones). It’s my favorite TMBG video because for me it’s closest to how they are without being overly ‘whacky’ or out there. They sing, they row, Linnell smiles at the camera.

The song itself, about John Linnell’s parent’s divorce, approaches love in a rather dark way. Two people who can’t let go, just let things get worse and worse and by the third verse everything has fallen apart. Surprisingly for Linnell it’s relatively straight forward (although he said he was embarrassed by this song once, which is probably because so many people worked out what it was about). The bridge made me cry at one point in my life, as it seems like a genuine snapshot of a real conversation. A heartbreaking TMBG song with a great video.

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