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Star quarterback + lumberjack is a good combo

Star quarterback + lumberjack is a good combo

Best. Costume. Ever.

Was telling Ant about going to Value Village today, where they have the Halloween costumes out, and of course there’s the usual array of “Sexy _____” for women (including Sexy Mario and Sexy Luigi, which I think has to win some sort of award for most inappropriate).

Anyway, he asked me if they had “Sexy Old Man,” which THEY TOTALLY SHOULD. I said that would obviously have to come with a toy accordion and black glasses, and he said, “Don’t forget the fake bad teeth!” and you know what? I think they do have those—they call them, like, “Hillbilly Teeth” or something like that. Well WHATEVER.

And then I was sad, because I could totally dress up like John if I didn’t have this damn ridiculous thick curly hair (I’ve certainly never seen a floppy-hair wig—THEY CANNOT REPLICATE JOHN’S HAIR BECAUSE IT IS TOO AMAZING) and if I still had my pair of glasses like his. I already have an accordion and, like, half his wardrobe, soooooooooooo.

John ramblin’ zine series (looks like it’s gonna be three issues) is now 2/3 done. Can hopefully finish up tonight—the second third went a good bit faster than the first third. Some COFFEE is gonna be required though (eternally grateful to The Johns for teaching me that coffee makes it approximately a zillion times easier to accomplish, like, anything).

After roughly 10 hours of work, I have now hit the HALFWAY POINT on the “Reasons John Linnell is the best person ever to exist” zine trifecta. God, y’all don’t even KNOW how much work being this madly in love with someone requires…