The healing doesn't stop the feeling.

Those are the parts that make *me* most jealous of y’all…

Question for the Flansgirls: What do you consider the best part of Gigantic: Sleeping, shaving, or saying “cocksucker”? Or possibly some other part I’m not thinking of?

Prices at the ubiquitous cafes are torqued up to tourist specifications throughout town. This hasn’t dissuaded me from slarfing down cup after steaming cup of cappuccino until I begin interrupting my own conversation with myself to express my disagreement. When I’m caffeinated to the point where I can no longer sit still I lurch out and look for some daytime excitement.

—John Linnell


Did I mention that I love you?

Also I always refer to it as his “nerdblog” but it’s just now occurring to me that actually when you’re describing ANYTHING AT ALL that involves John Linnell you can preface it with “nerd” and have it be appropriate.

I love you

I’m beginning to re-read John’s nerdblog about his cameras because I am in the mood for SPAZZING THE FUCK OUT about how amazing he is tonight, apparently.


So all these announcements about Cassette Store Day have played up how there’s “NEW TMBG STUFF!!!!1!!” Claimed to be new Idlewild re-releases of Pink and Lincoln and also the EPs of “They’ll Need a Crane” and “(She Was A) Hotel Detective.” But my always-expert source in TMBG release info, Ant, is informing me that the first two are nowhere to be found and the last two are just THE ORIGINAL RELEASES that they apparently found lying around somewhere. WTF?

Here is a little thing about “New York City” from The AV Club—mostly the Cub version, but it gives the TMBG version a shoutout too.