The healing doesn't stop the feeling.

Smokey and the The Else cover bird guy that Apollo made me are buddies now

Smokey and the The Else cover bird guy that Apollo made me are buddies now



selfcallednowhere asked:

Are y'all planning to debut any new songs at the Mohegan Sun show? I'm very eager to hear what you've been cooking up in the studio this year!


JF: we’ll be doing a lot of horn songs. We are going to wait on the new songs until they enter the world.

Awwwww. Well, I suppose that does mean I can be less heartbroken about not getting to be there, but like I said, I’m so desperate to hear new stuff! Well, next year is getting closer and closer, isn’t it?


So sometimes I make gifs and they look fine when I make them in Photoshop but when I go to post them here they’re way sped up. Anyone know what’s up with this?

Someday somebody else besides me will call me by my stage name

"Doctor Worm" is my inspirational song of the day. I know probably everyone (including John himself) just considers it a silly little song, but I really think there’s a good lesson in there. He has so much self-confidence! He’s so hopeful! I think he gets a little sad in the bridge (which is reflected in the video), but then he’s happy again! I am neither a drummer nor a worm, but I think you’d have to overcome some serious obstacles to even get to that point, whether or not you ever make it as a rock star. I salute you, Doctor Worm.


It makes me unreasonably upset when people write the titles as “SEXXY” or “Dr. Worm” for no really valid reason.


Post #8,000! To celebrate here is the best TMBG photoshoot, hands down.